Cryo Support


Alliance For Cryoglobulinemia Facebook Page

Facebook Support Group:

This a place where you can meet others like yourself, who are living with Cryo or their family/caregivers.  We keep the Support Group Facebook privacy settings to ‘Secret’ because we have found that people like yourself, do not want their private medical information shared with the public.  Peer to peer support thrives when people feel comfortable, safe, and with others who understand.  Our ‘Secret Cryo’ group is not searchable on Facebook nor is it visible in other’s newsfeed.  The group is people with cryo or their immediate caregiver/family.  Members can only join the group by invitation to protect their privacy.  It’s an easy process; just follow the instructions below. 

  1. Join Facebook.
  2. Send a  ’friend’ request to Eileen McDermott Propp or Marianne Vennitti.
  3. Send a ‘message’ saying ‘Alliance for Cryo Support Group’ to whomever you sent friend request to (Eileen or Marianne).
  4. You will then be sent a message with the group guidelines.
  5. Reply to the message agreeing to the group guidelines.
  6. An invitation will be sent and an welcome post will be made to the group announcing your arrival!

If you are not on Facebook please send an email to or for support. We are happy to talk with you by phone or my email to help connect you to others living with Cryo.