eileen beige1

Disability and the Workplace:
I’ve become familiar with laws that apply to people with disabilities.  I’ve experienced first hand how to use policies and procedures to get your needs met, and offered guidance to others on seeking reasonable accommodations under The Americans with Disabilities Act.

E-Patient Scholar
Learning to maximize resources and apply strategic planning principles to one’s personal life is essential. Using psychological tools and techniques to manage medical decisions, participate in care and get needs met in healthcare systems and settings is crucial today.  I’ve worked with clients on how to become better patients and e-patients: engaged, empowered and educated active participant in care.

Self Care and Self Evaluation
Guidance through a self assessment process allows one to rediscover skills, strengths and path; while addressing the practical realities of living in the body you have. Positive organizational psychology tools can help you achieve a better quality of life.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing in the workplace:
I’ve worked specifically on guidance for Deaf on accessing resources, seeking accommodations, access to interpreters and other advocacy issues in the workplace.